Caring For Skin in the Transitional Months

In the coming weeks, mornings will cool, days will shorten, and routines will shift. It’s this natural progression of changes that makes life exciting and day to day customs feels renewed. However, we see many patients who neglect to change their anti-aging skin care routines as the traditionally dry months of September and October approach.

beautiful-faceAs the temperature outside begins to slightly decrease, it’s very important to remember the importance of applying sunscreen multiple times per day. Wearing a 30+ SPF broad spectrum sunscreen can protect your skin against melasma (dark spots caused by the sun), skin cancer, and premature wrinkles. It’s easy to think that sun damage is less of a risk because the temperature is cooler, but taking a break from applying sunscreen should not be an option.

If you’ve let this habit slip in years past, laser skin resurfacing can eliminate the signs of aging that often accompany unprotected sun exposure. Fractionated CO2 and Erbium laser treatments emit small columns of light to the affected area, stimulating collagen and elastin production to reduce wrinkles. When you have laser resurfacing treatments, you can see younger-looking, rejuvenated skin.

Your skin may feel dry and even peel as the moisture in the air decreases. With a Laser Lights skin analysis and pre-treatment consultation, we can help you determine which treatments and products can best keep your skin moisturized, supple, and healthy. Our licensed estheticians are trained to expertly recommend a skin care routine that maintains a youthful glow without the presence of greasy or dried out skin. Estheticians may recommend that you switch to a heavier moisturizer for the fall and winter over the lighter options often recommended for summer. The peeling often caused by the drying weather can promote the clogging of pores and aggravate an already uncomfortable condition for acne sufferers. We offer a full line of skin care products and effective treatments as a solution.

Regardless of your skin type, we have treatments and products that can help your skin weather the changing seasons. To get more tips for your best skin care routine, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Connect with Laser Lights on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for the latest news and information.