Your Last Summer of Hiding Spider Veins

We empathize with the unpleasant embarrassment of having to hide your spider veins under long pants and skirts, scrambling for a towel at the pool and wishing you could cool off in a bathing suit or pair of shorts. The team at Laser Lights Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Center wants to help make this your last summer of stressing over the best ways to camouflage your unsightly spider veins. Instead, we want to help you get rid of them for good.

Spider Vein TreatmentSpider veins are small, thin blood vessels that appear just beneath the skin and serve no purpose. Although spider veins that pop up on the legs and face are not detrimental to your health, they are a common cause of cosmetic concern due to their bluish or reddish color, tree or spider web like shape, and often large surface area that makes them difficult to cover. While you may feel alone in your struggle, the truth is that an estimated 30-60% of all people in the U.S. are affected by spider veins in some way.

We treat spider veins using a specialized FDA approved medical grade laser that targets these unwanted blood vessels, safe to address all skin types for both spider veins on the face and legs. During the actual laser vein removal treatment, laser light is adjusted to hone in on the pigment of visible veins. The laser targets the veins, causing them to break up within the body before the immune system begins to dispose of them naturally. In most cases, the laser wavelength does not target the surrounding tissue’s pigment. This treatment is non-invasive and leaves skin unscathed.

Most patients can immediately return to their daily routine after treatment. Although rare, mild side effects include a minor reddish appearance at treatment site that may occur for a few days after the procedure. For complete spider vein elimination, most patients typically need just one to three treatments; though that depends on each individual’s unique needs to be discussed at an initial consultation.

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