Say Goodbye to Age Spots & Sun Damage Before Summer

Unless you have been slathered in sun screen every day regardless of weather, it is likely that if you’re past the age of 40, you may be seeing some age spots. Laser Lights Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Center provides a few ways you can rid yourself of the inevitable spots, which pop up on areas of the skin that are constantly exposed to the sun, like your hands and face.

atlanta laser hair removalWhile it may be hard to avoid them, there are many approaches you can take for age spot removal, including chemical peels and various laser treatments. You can also try topical treatments and camouflaging with makeup or self-tanner with caution. Age spots can appear light or dark. If you have light spots, also known as hypopigmentation, self-tanner can serve to blend the spots in with the tones of your skin. However, when you have darker spots (hyperpigmentation), self-tanner can make the spots appear more prominent.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by excess melanin in the skin and is most effectively removed with laser treatment, such as Fractionated CO2 (Fraxel) or YAG lasers. Photofacial rejuvenation and laser facials treat various areas of the body including the chest, arms, and hands in addition to the face. In many cases, one photo-facial treatment can remove 80% of sun damage.

Our medium-depth TCA peel (trichloroacetic acid) works effectively in reducing age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation for most skin types, including dark skin tones. Immediately following the procedure, redness, irritation, and mild swelling may occur, but the skin will continue to tighten and peel for up to a week. Once the peeling is complete, younger-looking, even-toned skin will emerge with less age spots visible than before.

Be kind to your skin and make an effort to prevent future age spots as well as dangerous skin cancers by never skipping out on sunscreen. It is essential to protect yourself with broad-spectrum, SPF 30+ coverage every time you step into the sun.

During a skin care analysis and pre-treatment consultation, a trained provider can explain which treatment is the best to address your age spots. To make an appointment, please contact us today. Connect with Laser Lights on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for the latest anti-aging news and information.