Get Smooth & Flawless Skin at Any Age with March Savings

expired_tagYou don’t need luck to have the smooth skin of your dreams. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center is offering savings on skin silkening treatments such as laser hair removal, fractionated CO2 laser treatments, and Viora Reaction™ for cellulite reduction. Unwanted hair, deep wrinkles, and cellulite be gone!

Our laser hair removal services create a smoother skin surface by removing unwanted body and facial hair. Laser hair removal is a great way to truly treat yourself. While it is difficult to envision never shaving or waxing again, this treatment makes it possible. Although results vary, it normally requires on average six visits for long lasting hair removal results. Upon completion of treatment, the time you’ll save by eliminating shaving will be invaluable to a busy spring schedule! This month, we are offering savings on laser hair removal total service packages for the lip, chin, neck, chest, abdomen, and more.

In addition to treating large areas with laser hair removal, fractionated lasers are available to target even the most specific areas of your skin. These laser systems allow us to tailor your treatments depending on the extent of facial wrinkles or skin damage you may have. Fractionated CO2 laser treatments are typically used to smooth the appearance of deep facial wrinkles, melasma (spots of skin darkening), and troublesome acne scarring. Additionally, Fraxel lasers can be used to treat the neck, chest, and hands of men and women. Fractionated (Fraxel) CO2 laser technology operates with a series of tiny laser columns to infiltrate the dermis generating tiny wounds that the body heals by intensifying production of collagen and elastin and producing “new skin.”

Did you know that Viora Reaction™ is not only an anti-aging treatment, but it can also lessen the appearance of cellulite? Just beneath the skin’s surface, connective collagen fibers are pushed and pulled by even the smallest amounts of fat, creating an uneven, dimpled skin surface texture. Smooth it out and create the lean, toned appearance you desire with Viora Reaction™ for cellulite reduction. As additional functions, Viora Reaction™ can address multiple concerns patients might have including face and body contouring and skin tightening.

Don’t forget: we offer gift certificates for all of our customizable services and carry a full-line of great skincare products. For more comprehensive information on our March specials, see the flyer below. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment. Connect with Laser Lights on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for the latest news and information.