Top 5 Ways to Keep Skin Healthy This Winter

As the weather cools this winter, scratchy, dry skin and chapped lips are common results of the harsher elements. While most people just take the unpleasant occurrence as something that comes with the territory of cold weather, at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we believe in taking preventative and protective methods to create a barrier against the negative effects chilly temperatures and changing seasons have on our skin. atlanta skin resurfacingBelow, we share some tips to keep your entire body moisturized and smooth all year long.

  1. Change your cleansers: While fighting oil and pore-clogging sweat is an endless battle in the summer, the winter normally gives us a break from it. Instead of using cleansers that leave you feeling “squeaky clean” and tight, use a moisturizing cleanser followed by an oil-free moisturizer. A cleanser that accelerates the natural skin renewal process, such as Laser Lights’AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, is also beneficial for exfoliating and revealing youthful skin.
  1. Moisturize more often: Along the same lines, skin may require applying more moisturizer in the winter to keep a smooth, flake-free appearance. While you may only apply moisturizer before bed in the summer to avoid oiliness, we recommend changing your routine to apply morning and night in the winter. Moisturizers like Shea body butter work to provide skin firmness and thickness and repair damaged skin caused by dropping temperatures.
  1. Don’t forget the sunscreen: Sunscreen goes beyond the summertime usage. Winter sun is just as damaging and able to create pesky age spots. Applying a broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen to hands and face can prevent them as well as wrinkles and premature aging. Try Laser Lights own Advanced Protection SPF 30 natural sunscreen with Z-Cote, UVA and UVB protection for all skin types for best results.
  1. Water, water, water: Water is great for staying moisturized in the wintertime and also contributes to overall health and wellness. Do your best to consume eight to twelve glasses a day, stay consistent with your moisturizing routine, and watch dry skin disappear.
  1. Pay extra attention to your hands: It can become very difficult to keep hands smooth due to their lack of some essential oil glands. Avoid itchiness and cracking by wearing gloves when outdoors and applying an extra-intensive hand cream. At Laser Lights, we offer hand rejuvenation treatments with paraffin wax, dermal fillers, and special Erbium (YAG) laser peels and TCA peels made just for the hands.

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