Laser Tattoo Removal: Process, Precaution, & Preparation

Among our many products and services, Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offers FDA-approved laser tattoo removal. Though challenging due to the permanence of tattoos, with our advanced lasers and well-trained staff, tattoo removal of all ink colors is possible after a cosmetic laser consultation.

laser tattoo removal in duluth atlanta gaDuring a consultation, an experienced professional will discuss with you the important factors that play into the removal of your tattoo, such as when the tattoo was applied and what you can expect during the procedure. Laser tattoo removal uses targeted wavelengths of light in rapid pulses of laser energy to disperse the ink into tiny particles. Once dispersed, ink is absorbed by the body and later disposed due to the body’s natural healing responses.

Here are three tips to having the most success from laser tattoo removal:

  1. Have realistic expectations. Though the majority of patients will benefit from laser tattoo removal, those with fair skin and darker tattoos typically experience the best results because of the high contrast between tattoo ink and skin pigmentation. However, with customized tattoo removal treatment, it is possible to treat virtually any tattoo shade. Even green, the most difficult color to remove, can fade dramatically with our advanced laser technology. The degree of remaining color variations or blemishes depends upon your tattoo size, location, ability to heal, and how or when the tattoo was applied. Also, remember that one treatment is not enough to completely remove your tattoo. Several treatments will be necessary.
  1. Know your risks. As with any medical treatment, laser tattoo removal does carry a small risk of adverse reaction in some patients. There are rare chances of blistering, infection, and scabbing with laser tattoo removal. For those taking Ibuprofen for pain relief, bruising may occur. Additionally, hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation can follow when pre- and post-treatment care is not properly executed. Following the instructions given by your skilled Laser Lights professionals can prevent adverse effects and reduce these risks.
  1. Get prepared. Although laser removal is generally no more uncomfortable than initially receiving the tattoo, we recommend taking an acetaminophen pain reliever or using a numbing cream before treatment. We value the comfort and satisfaction of our patients and advise taking the proper precautions to ensure optimal results and ease during the procedure.

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