Birthmarks Part 2: Causes, Types, and Treatments of Pigmented Birthmarks

Last week, we touched on Laser Lights’ various ways using laser technology for the removal of vascular birthmarks. Another variation of birthmarks are pigmented birthmarks, which are caused by excessive growth of melanocytes (the cells that produce skin color), may also be removed using laser treatment. The most common types of pigmented birthmarks are café-au-lait spots, Mongolian spots, and moles. While moles are commonly referred to as “beauty marks”, they should be monitored for change to be sure they do not progress into skin cancer.

atlanta laser hair removalCafé-au-lait spots can develop anywhere on the body in a brownish tone and may indicate abnormal nerve tissue growth. Mongolian spots most often occur on ethnicities with darker skin in the form of blue-gray marks on the lower back or buttocks. However, laser removal treatment for this type of mark is uncommon due to their tendency to fade with time. With Laser Lights’ advanced cosmetic laser technology, laser birthmark removal for both vascular and pigmented birthmarks can be performed safely and effectively on all skin types by our highly skilled laser technicians.

At Laser Lights, we work with affected patients to determine the type of birthmark present as well as the proper treatment method for removal. If you are simply concerned as to whether your hyperpigmentation is a birthmark or a different condition more serious such as skin cancer, we encourage you to come in for a skin analysis Please contact our office in at (770) 495-9322 for more information on birthmark removal services available at Laser Lights. More for information on our services please follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.