Birthmarks Part 1: Causes, Types, and Treatments of Vascular Birthmarks

Nearly every human is born with a birthmark in some form; even if they just appear as a small freckle or patch of skin discoloration. Often, birthmarks are simply described as blemishes on skin that form before birth. While some birthmarks are microscopic or unnoticeable, others can overtake parts of the body, causing embarrassment and unease when the birthmark is visible.  The certified laser technicians as Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offer a variety of laser birthmark removal treatments to help restore skin to a normalized appearance.

birthmark removal

Birthmarks fall into two classifications: vascular and pigmented. The most common vascular birthmarks are macular stains, hemangiomas, and port-wine stains, which are all caused by abnormal blood vessels under the skin.  These marks often appear to have a reddish tone. Macular stains typically disappear before the age of two while port-wine stains never go away and likely darken and become more prominent with age.  Hemangiomas are benign raised tumors that develop in children and typically disappear by the age of 10; however,  hemangioma removal can be performed if they are a source of embarrassment in a child.

Both hemangiomas and port-wine stains can be removed with a pulsed dye laser, which eliminates blood vessels within the skin by using heat to allow the body to dispose of dilated veins naturally. The number of laser birthmark treatments required will be determined during a cosmetic laser consultation and will depend upon the severity and type of birthmark present.

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