Prepare for Your Big Wedding Day

Congratulations!  You have just gotten engaged and it’s time to start planning the big event.  With all eyes on the bride, it’s important to look and feel your best.  At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we offer personalized laser and cosmetic treatments from facials to laser hair removal to help you feel radiant on your special day.

wedding-day-skin-care-atlanta-gaFrom invitations and guest lists to securing a venue, it’s no surprise that a lot of pre-planning goes into making a wedding come to life and there’s no exception that laser and cosmetic treatments should go into your plans to give you the best look possible for your big day.  When it comes to weddings and honeymoons, skin-revealing clothing make us more weary of unwanted hair.  Laser hair removal can effectively eliminate unwanted hair of the face, legs, underarms, chest and bikini area.  Using laser energy, hair follicles are damaged during early growing cycles to prevent future hair growth.  For most patients, six treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart are recommended for full, permanent hair removal; but semi-permanent results can be seen for some after only one treatment.  To ensure optimal results, it’s best to discuss desired results and plan treatments far enough in advance with your licensed laser hair technician.

With no shortage of close-ups that are sure to be snapped throughout the festivities, laser vein removal treatments target visible spider veins on the face and legs.  Advanced laser technology uses highly unique wavelengths to safely pass through the skin to close off the vein.  Treated spider veins gradually fade, offering immediate results after only a single treatment, revealing a clear complexion.  The number of treatments varies depending on the size and location of the veins, so planning at least six months prior to your wedding is advised.

As the date draws near and your preparations are almost all in order, treat yourself to a rejuvenating skin resurfacing treatment.  Often described as a “weekend skin peel” because of the shorter recovery time and minimal post-treatment care, micro laser peels safely treat the face, neck, chest and hands.  Treating acne scars and signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, micro laser peels use CO2 fractionated laser technology to precisely remove the outermost layers of the skin.  Much like a chemical peel but without the chemicals, dead skin is eliminated and collagen production is stimulated to reveal smoother skin tone and texture.

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