Smooth Away Wrinkles at Our Cosmetic Laser Center

Environmental factors such as smoking, sun damage, and stress can cause premature aging. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offers laser skin resurfacing treatments to turn back the hands of time and provide patients with a more youthful appearance.  Laser skin resurfacing is great for both men and women looking to rejuvenate their skin without the expense of surgical facial procedures.Laser Treatment

Our medical grade, FDA-approved laser technologies can help address fine lines and wrinkles on the face as well as even out skin tone and irregularities. Our experienced laser technicians use the CO2 fractionated laser technology to target specific areas of the face, allowing for a completely customizable treatment for your skincare needs. This fractionated technology can penetrate deeper layers of the skin by creating tiny wounds through laser columns, promoting collagen production through the body’s natural healing process.

Patients with superficial skin conditions such as mild wrinkles and brown spots may benefit from Erbium laser resurfacing.  As an added benefit, this surface-level laser can treat the hands, neck, or chest in addition to the face.  This procedure is milder than fractionated resurfacing, reducing recovery time.

We also offer a micro-laser peel also known as the “weekend” peel for patients with minor imperfections, which allows for a short recovery period and minimal post-treatment care.

During a pre-treatment skin analysis, our laser technicians will identify if you are a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing.  As old skin is removed and new skin is revealed, patients can expect to feel a slight sunburn sensation after treatment. It’s important to avoid sunlight for at least a week after treatment.

To schedule a laser skin resurfacing appointment, please call our office today. Be sure to connect with Laser Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest cosmetic laser specials and news.