Atlanta Spider Vein Elimination

The providers of Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offer a variety of services to remove or reduce skin imperfections. With over twelve different lasers, we’re able to successfully remove age spots, freckles, birthmarks, and even tattoos to name a few. In fact, our lasers are able to eliminate unsightly spider veins.

Spider veins are those pesky little purple, blue, and red veins that look like a web or tree branches and most often appear on the face and legs. Facial spider veins are often associated with rosacea symptoms. While the true causes of spider veins have not been determined, many have speculated factors like genetics, age, hormones, and obesity might have something to do with their origin. No matter what causes them, they can be frustrating and even embarrassing. Our laser vein removal patients often complain that they do everything to try to cover up spider veins—even if it means wearing long pants all summer.

Fortunately there’s no need to continue hiding your spider veins because we offer spider vein elimination at Laser Lights. Our laser targets the pigment within the blood vessel without harming the skin. The vessels absorb the laser light and gradually disappear. Some patients can achieve the results they’re after in just one spider vein treatment, but depending on the extent of the spider veins, up to three treatments may be necessary for complete removal.

Patients often inquire about the safety of this treatment because eliminating veins sounds a little scary. However, it’s very important to understand spider veins do not function properly, and removing spider veins does not affect the circulatory system’s function. Although many patients are able to engage in normal activities after laser vein removal and side effects are rare, some patients may experience mild redness and sometimes bruising in the treatment area for a few days after treatment. Just like we warn all of our laser patients, it’s also important to avoid sun exposure for a few weeks before laser spider vein treatment as well as a few weeks after to avoid hyperpigmentation.

As with any laser skin treatment, it’s important to find a qualified laser provider to perform your treatment. If you’re interested in spider vein treatment, schedule a consultation today. In addition to laser services, we offer a variety of non-laser treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Viora Reaction™ skin tightening, and massage therapy. Be sure to view our website to learn more about our other services. We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for skin care news and updates about our specials.