Hand Rejuvenation Services at Laser Lights

It is human nature for a person to be concerned about his or her appearance, especially of our faces since they’re almost always exposed. However, the hands are usually exposed just as often as the face, and to make matters worse, the hands often give away a person’s true age because there are few camouflaging options. Although many of the treatments we offer at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center are designed to rejuvenate the face or body, we also offer hand rejuvenation services. As recently reported in an article by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, hand lift services are becoming more readily available for patients looking to mask signs of aging.

No one wants to wear gloves all of the time, especially not during the summer months. Environmental exposure combined with the natural aging process can cause the hands to appear aged. Patients who seek hand rejuvenation typically complain about lost volume, age spots (melasma), and unsightly veins. It is important to take care of your hands just like you take care of your face and other skin. Be sure to moisturize and wear an SPF 30 sunscreen on your hands every day. Paraffin wax treatments are perfect for softening the skin and locking in moisture to preserve a youthful appearance, but if you’re past the preservation stage, Laser Lights also offers treatments to repair signs of aging.

There are a variety of ways to even out the hand’s skin tone. Although most often considered facial treatments, Erbium laser treatment, chemical peels, and photo rejuvenation can be used to reduce sun spots, discoloration, and other pigmentation issues. Then, Dr. David Whiteman can inject dermal fillers (i.e. Restylane® or Radiesse®) into the hands to plump lost volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re interested in hand rejuvenation, laser treatments, or other services available at Laser Lights, schedule a consultation with one of our licensed estheticians today or visit our website to learn more. You can find the latest skin care news on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles, so be sure to connect with us if you haven’t already.