Just a Feel Good Treatment? Face the Facial

Laser Lights offers an assortment of facial treatments to improve overall condition of facial skin. Our menu of services for the face includes chemical peels, facials, microdermabrasion, facial rejuvenation, acne light therapy, and even laser treatments for the face. However, we have heard a rumor circulating that facials are just a “feel good” treatment. Offering an assortment of facials for patients of all ages, we thought we should explain some of the different elements that make our facials much more than just a good wash.

Facials at Laser Lights are therapeutic and medicated to treat a variety of skin conditions from acne and rosacea to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. In fact, we can even customize our facials to treat your specific skin conditions. Before each treatment our esthetician analyzes your skin to determine the best treatment regimen, which isn’t always a facial. However, these “feel good” treatments are much stronger than most people think.

Our younger patients who still suffer acne breakouts can benefit from our acne facial that loosens and removes pore debris and blockages. We can’t lie, Atlanta facial treatments do feel good, starting with an esthetician who gently cleans the face then sprays the treatment area with a warm mist. Once the medicated ointment is applied and removed, the treatment concludes with a clarifying mask, light moisturizer, and protective mineral sunscreen. With a clearer complexion in the weeks following, you will know that there is more to a facial than just relaxation. Patients who are interested in our acne facial may also be interested in the teen facial (which also teaches teens to properly care for their skin) and our back facial (which takes care of acne breakouts on the back often referred to as “backne”).

Laser Lights also offers facials to reduce early signs of aging. Patients starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, and eyes can benefit from our anti-aging facial that uses a combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl (salicylic) acids to induce skin cell rejuvenation. Because of the chemicals used, the anti-aging facial can cause facial skin to appear flushed, so those with sensitive skin might prefer our European facial. This gentle treatment removes dead skin and surface debris and includes the application of a papaya mask to reduce redness and irritation. We also offer a facial specifically designed for men. This all-in-one men’s facial relieves tension and redness, and our estheticians instruct patients on sun damage protection and daily skin care.

Pore extractions are often combined with facials, but other treatments may be recommended as well. For instance, we often suggest that patients suffering acne alternate facial treatments and acne light therapy to get the most out of treatment. Patients who receive facials are often interested in skin care products so that they can keep their skin healthy at home.

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