Study Proves Effectiveness of Laser Vein Removal

Laser Lights cosmetic laser centerA new article in the Archives of Dermatology reports that laser vein removal treatment (EVLT) is just as effective as traditional, high ligation vein stripping (surgical removal) for the removal of varicose veins. Of the vein removal patients polled, there were very few differences in the patient satisfaction rates between those treated with vein stripping and those treated with laser vein therapy. One notable difference, however, was that laser vein treatment patients reported a better quality of life post treatment.

While the subject of the study is varicose vein removal and we typically treat smaller spider veins at Laser Lights in Atlanta, the article shows how powerful laser vein elimination is whether it’s used for the treatment of spider or varicose veins. If laser vein treatment can eliminate unwanted varicose veins just as successfully as surgical removal, imagine how well our lasers work to remove the small, web-like spider veins you may be noticing on your face and legs.

The laser vein removal treatments performed at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center are particularly effective in treating spider veins or larger bluish reticular veins on the face or body without any incisions or general anesthesia needed. In fact, most laser spider vein treatment patients can return immediately to their regular routines, there is very little downtime, and the only request made of patients is that they avoid any strenuous workouts for a day or so following treatment. Most of our Atlanta spider vein removal patients require 1-3 treatments (lasting 15-30 minutes each) for complete vein reduction. As with any laser skin treatment, it’s best to discuss expected treatment length and available laser treatment packages with your laser technician during a consultation to ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible for your cosmetic goals.

During the month of October, Laser Lights patients can enjoy one FREE laser spider vein removal treatment when they buy two vein removal treatments. To learn more about Atlanta vein removal and laser treatment special offers, visit the Laser Lights Cosmetic Center website and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to also regularly peruse our blog as we update you on subjects like The Causes and Treatment of Spider Veins and FAQs about Facial Laser Skin Treatment.