How Does Acne Light Treatment Work?

laser lights cosmetic laser centerLaser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offers Acne Light Therapy to help reduce the appearance of existing acne and decrease the likelihood of future breakouts.  Acne Light Therapy utilizes PDT, photo dynamic therapy, to kill acne-causing bacteria deep within the pores.

PDT technology was invented to stop the growth pre-cancerous skin cells like actinic keratosis, but is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for skin conditions such as mild to moderate acne, rosacea, and even fine lines due to the technologies ability to effectively treat larger affected areas.  To treat acne, a specific wavelength of blue light is applied to the skin of the face and/or area of the body.  The specialized light penetrates deep into the skin to kill the underlying bacteria that can lead to unsightly acne breakouts.

The advantage of PDT treatment, like Acne Light Therapy, is that it requires no downtime and there is minimal recovery involved.  The light used in Acne Light Therapy causes no pain. Similar to the light of other laser skin treatments, Acne Light Therapy’s application is highly controlled so as not to damage any surrounding tissues.  Previously, more aggressive chemical peels were employed to dissolve the dead skin cells on the surface and the pores’ impurities to fight acne.  Now, similar end results can be obtained with a few (typically 8-10) short (15-20 minutes each) Acne Light treatments and no interruption to daily activities.

Many of our acne light therapy patients enjoy receiving regular microdermabrasion treatments to keep their newly rejuvenated appearance intact and their pores clear of impurities.  To learn more about the laser and non-laser skin treatments available at Laser Lights, visit our website and continue to read our blog.