Everything You Need to Know about Laser Hair Removal

laser lights cosmetic laser centerPatients are very inquisitive when it comes to laser procedures. We are constantly asked questions about laser hair removal here at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center. While we do get some very unique questions, the most common ones we’re asked are regarding cost, side effects, complications, and the laser technology we use. Therefore, we would like to take the time to address these questions.

Laser hair removal cost can be tricky for patients to understand. Most laser centers offer pricing per area per treatment, as well as package pricing per area. For instance, it takes more time to remove unwanted hair from large areas like the legs than it does to remove unwanted hair from the underarms, so pricing will vary because of the time involved. Laser hair removal, as well as other laser procedures like laser tattoo removal, requires more than one treatment session for hair removal. Hair grows in cycles, and while some hairs are in the growing phase, others are in the resting phase. The laser has to catch each hair in the growing phase for removal, requiring at least 2-3 sessions, but most patients receive 4-6 sessions for optimal results, which is why package pricing is offered. Although laser hair removal can get pretty expensive, laser clinics often offer specials. For instance, right now (through 9/30/2011) you can get 15% off any laser hair removal package at Laser Lights.

Although side effects and complications are not fun topics to discuss, it’s very important for a patient to be aware of possible complications before laser hair removal. The most common complication patients experience is hyperpigmentation, or a discoloration in the skin’s pigment. Following post laser procedure aftercare instructions, like wearing SPF 30 sunscreen, is the best way to avoid hyperpigmentation. Other complications, though rare, may include blisters, burns, itching, scabbing, and allergic reaction. Such complications are typically a result of not following laser aftercare instructions or an inexperienced laser technician, so please follow instructions for post laser care and be sure to check credentials before your treatment.

Now that we’ve touched on the importance of an experienced laser technician, it’s also necessary to understand the significance of the laser equipment itself. Laser hair removal will not work well without the proper equipment, especially if you’re seeking long lasting results. With a double board certified plastic surgeon serving as our medical director (Dr. David Whiteman), we are able to carry FDA approved, medical grade lasers. Medical grade lasers are faster, safer, and more effective. If you are looking for a laser hair removal center, it’s important to seek a laser clinic that offers medical grade lasers.

Before you seek laser hair removal, it’s key to do your research and find a laser center that carries medical-grade lasers as well as highly trained laser technicians. After your laser hair removal, it’s up to you to perform proper aftercare to avoid complications. For more information about the laser treatments or other services we provide, take a look at our website. Also, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to ask us questions about our services or tell us what you’d like to learn more about.