Using Lasers To Stop Smoking!?

Laser therapy for cosmetic issues such as laser hair removal and laser wrinkle removal have taken the world by storm over the last several years. Laser therapies have even emerged for concerns like scar removal, tattoo removal, and birth mark elimination.  You’ve probably even read the headlines of celebrities like reality star Kim Kardashian who claim they’re “addicted to laser hair removal” and the time-saving convenience similar procedures provide.  But could it be possible that lasers might someday be used to help people eliminate addictions?

For an Arizona laser therapy center that day is swiftly approaching.  The Phoenix center recently revealed experimental findings about laser treatments that may aid patients in ceasing to smoke, drink, and even ease overeating.  The treatment, known as Bio Laser Therapy, applies a cold, soft laser beam to specific energy points in hands, ears, nose, and wrists. When a person tries to quit smoking, drinking, or using smokeless tobacco, they experience withdrawal symptoms. The laser acts as a calming agent to help reduce cravings, stress, and restore balance by emitting endorphins to the brain. The weight loss program helps patients to control appetite and stimulate organs which help metabolize fat into energy.

The center claims a 65-85% success rate with their stop-smoking program, but the FDA has yet to approve the treatment due to the limited amount of studies performed on this subject. Even though laser addiction removal may be a ways away, the possibility speaks to the versatility of laser technology.  To learn about what’s new in medical lasers and cosmetic laser treatments join the Laser Lights blog, Facebook, or Twitter conversations!