Someone Needs Tattoo Removal!

It’s true that artists can get carried away when they’re hard at work.  Tattoo artists are no exception, but their canvas just happens to be a human body – as long as their customer is okay with it, tattoo artists rarely refuse a request.  Such was the case with 18 year-old Kimberley, who went to a tattoo artist to get over 50 black stars of varying shapes and designs across the entire right half of her face.

All was according to plan until the girl’s father saw what she had done.  In an attempt to push responsibility away from herself, Kimberley blamed the tattoo artist for the tattoos, claiming she had fallen asleep on the chair after asking for three small stars.  The tattoo artist denied the girl fell asleep during the inking and eventually, the girl admitted her lie.

One thing is for sure – Kimberley is likely to undergo laser treatments for tattoo removal, something we at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center excel in.  Of course, tattoo removal is only for those with unwanted tattoos and a great way to avoid those is to think about the reactions those around you will have!  Parents are a pretty major set of individuals to cross, after all.